1. The printed surface of the Pet Bottle Preformis the most concentrated part of the consumer's attention. The printing surface should be flat and continuous; if the PET bottle contains handles, grooves, ribs and other structures, care should be taken not to cause inconvenience to the printing operation. Elliptical PET bottles have higher stiffness, but the manufacturing cost of the mold is higher. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of the PET bottle, in addition to selecting a material with high rigidity, the shape of the preform of the pet bottle is also designed to enhance the rigidity and load resistance of the PET bottle.
  2. Since most PETs have notch sensitivity, PET bottles are prone to cracks and cracks at sharp corners, roots of the mouth threads, necks, etc., so these parts should be designed to be rounded. For the transfer of a rectangular PET bottle, it is necessary to support most of the load of the PET bottle, so locally increasing the wall thickness at that place is also advantageous for improving the rigidity and load resistance of the PET bottle.

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