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China’s kitchen appliance market has expanded considerably in recent years. According to mainland market surveys, the total value of China’s kitchen electrical appliance market in 2018 was around RMB67.8 billion. Range hoods, water heaters, gas stoves and rice cookers are among the products most in demand, while sales of dishwashers and ovens registered the fastest growth.

In the long run, growing urbanisation is expected to drive steady expansion in the kitchen appliance industry. By 2018, China’s urbanisation rate stood at 59.6%, and it is projected to rise by about one percentage point annually. Advances in urbanisation, the real estate market and smart home appliances are all seen as conducive to the development of the kitchen appliance market.

Consumers’ brand awareness continues to heighten, with more emphasis being placed on product design, functions and features, while price sensitivity is falling. Medium to high-end products are becoming the mainstay of the consumer market. The demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient kitchen appliances is also growing as consumers’ environmental awareness increases.