1. Screw Elevatoris the most convenient home elevator in China. The screw elevator has no wire rope and no car wall. Therefore, the installation space required only needs 900X900 mm to install a screw-type home elevator.
  2. The imported screw elevator runs at a slower speed, so the mechanical structure is safer, so there is no need for buffers and speed limiters, so there is no need to dig the foundation pit of the elevator. It only needs 50 mm, and it does not need Specially made load-bearing ring beams, only need to have a wall to complete the installation, especially the height of the top layer, can reach 2000 mm or more.
  3. Screw elevator can easily realize the right angle to open the door, open the door, open the door on 3 sides, etc., which will not affect the stability of the elevator. The structure of the screw type household elevator is relatively simple, so it is not easy to malfunction and the structure is flexible, so it can be omitted. Later maintenance and repair.
  4. The screw elevator has high safety. There is always something under the screw elevator. Even if the power is suddenly lost, the speed of the drop is very slow. If necessary, just lock the screw to avoid the free fall of the elevator. decline.

What are the disadvantages of screw elevators?

  1. The screw elevator has a certain mechanical noise, because the motor follows the platform, so the mechanical noise of the motor will inevitably affect the head of the household, but most of the users can bear this sound, if it is a user who likes quiet very much, Not suitable for screw elevators.
  2. The running speed of the screw elevator will be slower. Due to the limitation of the mechanical structure, the speed of the screw type household elevator can not be done too fast, and can only be achieved at a maximum of 0.15-0.25 meters per second, compared to the traction type. The operating speed of 0.4 seconds has a half gap. If it is a more efficient user, it is not recommended to use a screw elevator.
  3. Due to the limitation of the screw, the lifting height of the elevator is also limited. Therefore, for places such as villas and small businesses where the height is not high, it is very suitable to choose a screw elevator.

The above is the screw elevator for everyone to share and the shortcomings of the screw elevator. The screw elevator has its advantages, of course, it will have its defects. It is recommended that you install the elevator according to the actual situation. I hope the above sharing. Can help you, if you need more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, or leave us a message.