Today's weblog post includes more details on seasons and ranks, and how the unfastened-to-play transition will pass. If you missed the unique news that it is going loose-to-play, you may locate the details right here. For cutting-edge gamers, the gist is that you are going to get some unfastened in-recreation stuff as a thanks for Rocket League Credits purchasing it.

Earlier these days Rocket League became to be had on the Epic Games Store free of charge after being eliminated from sale on Steam (although current gamers keep their copies, of direction). The influx of new players, combined with a bunch of returning gamers thanks to the simultaneous start of Rocket League's state-of-the-art aggressive season, hit servers tough. As the professional Rocket League Twitter account announced, "Tournaments, Challenges, and different Rocket League features are impacted via this degradation. Updates to Buy Rocket League Credits follow whilst on-line services are restored."

Over the direction of the day matchmaking and challenges have been restored, observed by using aggressive tournaments. In an update to the free-to-play launch tracker on Reddit, it's been stated that, "Competitive Tournaments are up, however ability may additionally nevertheless be restricted as we monitor for stability."