BlackShare Market
One of a kind hand crafted jewelry.
Prices vary by style. Women Sizes Small to 3x.

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Nasa Bomber Jacket
Slightly used bomber jacket, in good condition
Paparazzi Signature Collection Jewelry
Polished turquoise stones chiseled into abstract geometric shapes are strategically placed along the neckline to form a breathtaking bib-like statement piece. Silver fittings encase each stone, adding artisanal detail to the handcrafted design, while a single stone drops at the center of the piece to create a dramatically tapered finish
Lilli Ann Women’s true vintage coat
No Sz indicated: bust approx 36”/waist approx 29”/length approx 38”. No fabric content indicated- it is a thin smooth fabric with thin lining. Skit open side pockets. Sleeves are between 3/4 and full sleeve. Condition: the lower front panels of the coat have wrinkling - I don’t know why and haven’t tried to fix it.. it doesnt detract from the coat/ it is really nice and stylish. From a smoke-free/pet-free home. Email with questions. Thanks for looking.
Custom Reflective Address Signs, Custom Mailboxes & Custom Brick Mailbox Door Retrofits
We help make families safer and communities a more beautiful place to live, work, love, laugh and play.
Custom Reflective Address Sign $79
Custom Mailbox $149
Custom Brick Mailbox Replacement Door Retrofit $49.
(We ship nationwide)
Address Express USA (229) 305-2501 or addressexpressusa@gmail.ccom