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R Kelly Is NOT a Predator

Published on 11 Dec 2018 / In Music

Other than the infamous videos from 20 years, is there ANY PROOF of R Kelly abusing, assaulting, or hurting ANYONE?
I'll wait.

The goal of these videos is to create conversations and stimulate critical thought.
We must confront the difficult topics and find ways to navigate the minefields.
We are ALL under attack by the usual suspects as well as some new foes.
There is no time for debates, trolling, or playing games.

If you believe in the core values of thinking for yourself, protecting your family/property, and holding people, corporations, governments, and societies accountable, you are with us.
Who are we?
We are a group of people from all walks of life who are tired of political correctness, media whore mud wrestling, and the entire societal decent into 3rd world status.

Our 1st major objective is to quickly bring in 1,000 subs to the channel.
Once we have superchat capabilities, we will be able to pool our energies and resources.
There are thousands of stories to be told and lives that can be saved if we simply begin talking.
We will have panel discussions, presentations, and expert social commentary on deck.
All we need is an audience who has the emotional intelligence to appreciate the work.

The Vision Reality campaign is not selling any products or services.
There are no ads running on the videos or any sponsorships.
This has been a 100% bootstrapped venture until now.
We have created a website with 3 options for giving your financial support.
Once we are able to monetize our in-depth live breakdowns via superchat, the content will finance itself.
Until then, funds are super tight and we appreciate any and all support. Thank You.


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